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News | 2019.06.26-2019.08.30 TECH-iNK Garden:Victor Wong x A.I. Gemini | INK NOW 水墨現場
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2019.06.26-2019.08.30 TECH-iNK Garden:Victor Wong x A.I. Gemini

TECH-iNK Garden
Victor Wong x A.I. Gemini


Exhibition period:2019.06.26-2019.08.30
Venue:3812 Gallery Hong Kong

▹▹▹ Artists and Works


3812 Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present works by the world’s first TECH-iNK artist Victor Wong, creator of the first-ever robotic ink artist A.I. Gemini programmed with artificial intelligence to paint unique Chinese landscapes. For its first time in Hong Kong, the show TECH-iNK Garden on view from 26 June to 30 August 2019 will showcase the new A.I. ink paintings 7 Scholars series, to continue the exploration of nature by Escapism and Far Side of the Moon series.


Curated with the concept of Chinese garden, TECH-iNK Garden integrates the understanding of space in Chinese culture, in response to the “Eastern origin” in Wong’s works with technology as his art language. The show will review the journey of Wong’s creation from digital art to artificial intelligence, including 3D projection, 3D-printing sculptures and A.I. landscape paintings.


The collaboration between Wong and A.I. Gemini defines a new movement in ink art – Tech-ink. It is disrupting the art world and Chinese ink; expanding the possibilities technology can offer creativity whilst mindfully exploring the challenges of this relationship.


Last October, A.I. Gemini was presented at Ink Now press conference in Taipei for its first time, followed by unveiling the world’s first TECH-iNK landscape paintings Escapism series at Ink Now Art Expo in Taipei earlier this year. The beginning of Tech-ink era was then announced.


Not only in Asia, this Tech-ink trend swept over European art market as well. Wong’s first solo exhibition Far Side of the Moon was held in April-May in 3812 Gallery London, provoking discussion of the relationship between technology and art, as well as the mass media exposure by international media. 


Calvin Hui, co-founder of 3812 Gallery says: ‘TECH-iNK Garden provides an opportunity for Hong Kong audiences to witness and experience what is “TECH-iNK”. And 3812 Gallery is honoured to kick-off and promote this innovative ink movement worldwide.’


Wong spent 3 years on programming and developing A.I. Gemini, which painted in the tradition of Xieyi (寫意/意境), rather than a direct recreation of reality with big data. Wong says, ‘I treat A.I. Gemini as a student, coaching it to master simple brush strokes and programming it to develop its own recognisable style rather than copy the work of ink masters. I believe that the artificial intelligence governing it is indeed advanced enough to parallel aesthetic judgement. A.I. Gemini has proved a capable student, as careful algorithms and random factors allow it to create beautiful compositions without assistance. A.I. Gemini’s decisions have become autonomous, and the form of its chaotic and wild landscapes are now unpredictable even to me.’ 


In 2018, Wong with A.I. Gemini created the revolutionary landscape paintings Escapism series (2018), experimenting with Chinese brush and ink painting. Though programmed with artificial intelligence, A.I. Gemini’s robotic arm dips its brush into the real ink and water, sweeping across traditional xuan paper with calculated choreography to reproduce the terrain with lines and shading. The works from Far Side of the Moon series (2019) are inspired by the ground-breaking contact with the unexplored side of the Moon in early 2019. On 3 January, China’s Chang’e-4 probe landed on the distant hemisphere, becoming the first space mission to explore this mysterious region. Fed with the Chang’e-4 images and 3D observation data from NASA, A.I. Gemini has analysed and interpreted these in its own style to create unique lunar landscapes. 




Victor Wong

Victor Wong is an artist and director, best known for his digital work and special effects, and has been widely acclaimed by international collectors and media. Wong graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1989. He has pioneered emerging digital creative media in the film industry. Wong has developed visual effects for over 100 feature films with his special effects company vfxNova. This work has won numerous international design awards including The New York Festival Award, Tokyo JIAA Advertising Award, Hong Kong Film Awards and The Golden Horse Awards. He is currently focusing on a new form of Chinese ink painting through state‐of‐the‐art technology. His creation, A.I. Gemini is world’s first artificial intelligence ink artist and took three years to build and programme. It takes its name from the astrological sign represented by twins, a reference to the twin aspects of it’s A.I. mind and robotic body.


Development Timeline of TECH-iNK

26 October 2018
A.I. Gemini is presented at the Ink Now press conference in Taipei.

18 – 21 January 2019
Announcing the beginning of the Tech-ink era and unveiling Wong's Escapism series at Ink Now, Taipei.

16 April – 11 May 2019
Wong’s first solo exhibition in London, Far Side of the Moon.

June 2019
Wong to be awarded Martell Artist of the Year in Hong Kong.


International Media Coverage

BBC Click-The latest wave of AI techniques being applied to art (13:15-15:55) 

Daily Mail-Artist creates AI robot that draws traditional Chinese ink paintings after he was inspired by historic moon landing



About 3812 Gallery 

Established in Hong Kong in 2011, 3812 Gallery is recognised as the city’s foremost gallery dealing in Chinese contemporary art. 

2018 was an important year for 3812. In November, the gallery established a new space in Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, and in a major step, launching 3812 Gallery firmly onto the international stage, opened the new flagship space, 3812 London Gallery, in the exclusive St James's district. 3812 Gallery is dedicated to fostering cultural understanding of Chinese contemporary art with "Eastern Origin and Contemporary Expression". We strive for establishing international dialogue and exchanges by uniting artists, academics, collectors and the general public through our thoughtfully curated art program. We believe that this sharing of cultural identity is essential in the understanding and appreciation of Chinese contemporary art. 



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