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2019.06.21-2019.08.17 MIND-SCAPE V



Exhibition period:2019.06.21-2019.08.17
Venue:3812 London Gallery
Address:21 Ryder Street, London, SW1Y 6PX

▹▹▹ Artists and Works


3812 Gallery is delighted to announce that its annual exhibition Mind-Scape, now in its fifth edition, debuts at 3812 London from 21 June - 17 August 2019. The exhibition reflects 3812’s dedication to fostering cultural understanding of Chinese contemporary art with “Eastern Origin and Contemporary Expression”. It will be the first time the London Gallery has presented such a vigorous mix of colourful works, with each artist representing the artistic perspective and aesthetic context of 3812's journey, whilst also bringing the traditions of Chinese creative culture into dialogue with the paradigm of contemporary art. Hosting Mind-Scape V at 3812’s London Gallery marks a significant moment in the gallery’s life: presenting their full and diverse offering and their stable of talent to London’s contemporary art scene. 


‘Mind-Scape’ was conceived in 2013; it is an annual exhibition with an astute perspective of academic history. Traditional Chinese culture is drawn upon, whether it is in the recreation of Tang and Song poetry, or evoking literati painting. Ancient traditions are rediscovered through contemporary practices, whilst notions of East and West are explored and juxtaposed to create a new language of abstract expression.


‘Mind-Scape brings together a group of artists who not only have expanded the horizon of contemporary Chinese art practice, but also developed their unique and universal language in understanding the “mind” of ancient wisdoms and “art” as self-expression. Their works are both forward-looking and grounded in Chinese traditions, planting the seeds for the development of Chinese art in a global context.' Calvin Hui, Co- Founder & Artistic Director.


There are works from eight artists in this exhibition which demonstrate a huge diversity of style and contemporary approach. Using a range of disciplines from Chinese ink and coffee on paper to acrylic and oil on canvas, the artists who make up Mind-Scape V are: Wang Jieyin, Sophie Chang, Wang Huangsheng, Li Lei, Qu Leilei, Xue Song, Liu Guofu and Chloe Ho.



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