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Curated by c@ns project, the “Taiwan Oolong School of Art” exhibition will showcase works by Peng YU, Zaidong ZHENG, Yu-Jen HSU, Wan-Chun WANG and sculpturist Chang-Cheng HSIAO, who are all the representative figures of Oolong School of Art. In their artworks, visitors can see the Eastern aesthetics that absorbs both Chinese essence and Western influences, as well as the traditional Chinese literati spirit and cosmology that they carry which are of significance in the development of civilization.

More than Ink

In current interpretation, the so-called “ink wash painting” is no longer restricted to expressions through material and form but further stresses concepts and essence of eastern spirit, which adequately epitomizes major differences between Eastern and Western art-making. From the seclusion in the literati landscape of the past to the mundaneness of contemporary life, their subjects or materials used all possess ever new possibility. In sculptor Zheng Lu’s work, an instant is fixed and water drop is made to stay temporarily in space; Genshen Hong represents a reflection of the times from the angle of industrial society in Sothern Taiwan; Lee Kuang-Yu unfolds an ink wash scroll and creates three-dimensional penetrating visual effect; Huang Hung-Da employs art of the most advanced technology and endows ink wash with new imagination; Yeh Wei-Li’s installation guides the viewer to seek again the eastern humanistic mood through reading; Hsu Yung-Chin’s calligraphic painting is transformed in the incense space of a tranquil meditation room. In the special exhibition venue, artistic moods that only Eastern artists can create will show major differences from the West.


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